Bonshaw Vision Statement

Bonshaw is a rural agricultural and residential community found in a setting of unusual natural beauty.  Our residence or our land ownership confers upon us the responsibility to preserve and protect the essential structure and interactions of the land, waterways, plant and animal life, which together are the foundation of this place.

Bonshaw includes a traditional agrarian economy manifest as small family farms.  The community supports this activity, but considers the introduction of larger mono-culture and concentrated animal agriculture to be incompatible with its natural resources and the desires of its residents.  For similar reasons we cannot support commercial-scale mining, manufacturing, or waste disposal which would be too costly in terms of environmental degradation for the long-term health of the community.

In common with the histories of the political, economic, and demographic nature of both Bonshaw and Prince Edward Island, our preference is for self-determination of the long-term future which maintains the identity of Bonshaw, and of the fundamental principle of slow economic and population growth as being most appropriate for this, our home on PEI.

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